Yes Day! #familybooktalk #principalinbalance

So the challenge to create a #FamilyBookTalk first came via Dr. Brad Gustafson Family Book Talk post.  Then during our Thursday night Mastermind my weekly personal challenge was to spend more quality time with Isaiah (thanks Danny for the motivation), because well five years ago this was us:

blog post 5-5-5

Five years ago we were recently mother and son…..five years later he is 11 and going into 5th grade….five years from now he will be driving…..five years from then…..see my point.

this time is moving way to fast and I need it to slow down and enjoy every moment

Enter the book talk for Yes Day!

We read the book the night before and talked ground rules:  we have to stay within the city, we can spend no more than $20.00, etc.   After that the sky was the limit!  What I found-saying yes was really not that hard.  Putting the phone down, turning email off and spending a full day with this incredible young man I get to call my son was priceless and worth every single yes!

So my challenge to you-find a book, turn off work, and enjoy some special time with your loved ones.  And for inspiration check out Isaiah’s Yes Day Video here:

Keep dreaming BIG for our Littlest Learners!



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