Pulling Back After A Busy Season. #PrincipalinBalance

These past few months have been busy.  Between meetings, conferences, family commitments and travel it has been a long time since I have seen white space on the calendar for any day of the week.  During the last week or so I have been reaching out to other leaders to find ideas and ways to maintain relationships with my family and school when life seems to be moving at a faster pace than normal.

  • Multitask.  I am working on blended personal/professional time a little bit more in this season.  Lately I have been listening to podcasts and voxer while on the bike during my am workouts.  Last week I joined my Thursday night Mastermind via phone while driving home from the airport.  While my boys were watching the March Madness tournaments last week I read an entire book (see below it was incredible), and when I have had to fly for conferences I use that time to prep/plan for upcoming school events.  Even though it isn’t ideal-any opportunity for connecting and learning while life is moving fast is better than not doing it at all.
  • Delegate.  Easier said than done.  I am a total control freak at home and school so this life lesson is hardest for me.  Asking for help isn’t as much of a sign of weakness as it a sign of increasing capacity of those around you.  And honestly when I have asked for help I am able to get a whole new lens and perspective on ideas and solutions.  For example this past week we had a ‘Dean for a Day’ when I was in Chicago.  I asked him to look over our building budget to find funds for a larger piece of technology.  When I came back he had given me 6 other ways to locate the funds that I hadn’t seen before with my lens.
  • Appreciate.  This spring I am intentionally taking more time to appreciated those around me that pick up the pieces I might drop along the way.
    • Cards to family members of staff.  Taking after Mark French and ideas from the book Hacking Leadership– this spring I made postcards that will be sent home to the family members of staff.  My hope is by taking the additional step of recognizing the hard work and accomplishments of the adults and sharing that with their families that they really feel the depth of appreciation I have for each and everyone of them.
    • Thank you cards to my spouse.  Since January every few weeks or so I mail home a card to my husband.  This week one arrived while I was out of town presenting at The Ounce of Prevention District Leadership Summit . For me taking 5 minutes out of my day to write out how much I appreciate all he does keeps me grounded not only in why I do what I do, but helps me remember who are the most important people in life.
  • Set a date.  We all have these seasons in our life-when we look at our calendar and wonder how it will all get done.  But it does, and when it does I have to work hard to slow down again and not try to maintain the speed of the busy season.  Today was that date.  Since January I have had 6 opportunities to learn, grow and lead with educators and administrators across our state and nationally.  After today I have one more on my calendar set for July.  Between now and then I am slooooowwwing down my professional learning opportunities to focus on big things at home and within my school and district….including reprising my role as the Assistant to the Assistant U11 Boys Soccer Coach.

Take Care, Be Well and Thank You for all you do!


What I just finished reading:

The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas Amazing read-excited to get into this book with my Voxer PLN next week.

Just Start Doing. Blog post by Adam Welcome.  Adam, well he is incredible and always inspiring.

What I just finished listening to:

Better Leaders Better Schools featuring Glenn Robbins  Incredible perspective of what district leadership can look like and what amazing things he is accomplishing while building strong relationships.

Three Hidden Ways Emotional Poverty Impacts Student Learning.  Dr. Brad Gustafson and Ben Gilpin’s UnearthED podcast last week had me at two words…Ruby Payne.

My Mantra’s this week thanks to Todd from Kids Deserve It!   Kas Nelson and Ken Williams

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