Recalibrate meaning, definition, what is recalibrate: to make small changes to an instrument so that it measures accurately.  Cambridge English Dictionary. 

Oh February…..this season of the year.  Winter conferences, family activities, indoor recess, limited daylight and germs everywhere.   At times the pace of this season can really knock me off my center.  The hours at work are longer-so the time with family is shorter.

In recognizing this season during the past week I have made some intentional commitments to recalibrate my time:

  1.  Sending a note home.  When school pulls me away from home more than usually I have been mailing notes home to my husband.  Some of these are funny, some are more sincere-by taking the time to recognize that your partner is carrying the weight for you at home so you can focus on what needs to be done at school is important.
  2. Prioritize.  For the short term prioritize what has to get done versus what can wait until the season changes.  I have switched up my morning routine to include cycle over outdoor running, and instead of 50-60 minutes of exercise I am doing 30 this week so I can catch up on the necessary sleep to function with our 12 plus hour days with winter conferences.
  3. Grace.  Don’t beat yourself up-we have all been there.  You might be late to something, you might totally blank something from your calendar.  The people around you see you every….single…day.  If you are off for a few it just lets the rest of us know you are human.

Below (thanks Eric Ewald) is our Fun Friday Challenges in February.  Keep smiling and reach out to your PLN for help during this season.

Fun Friday.png



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