#OneWord 2017

It is a little funny that the same people who inspired me last year to create my #OneWord have done it again.  Thanks to Dr. Neil Gupta’s  Bethanny Hill’s and  Principal French‘s #OneWord I went ahead and set the tone for 2017-FOCUS.


December 2016 was a little bit of a disaster for me-multiple presentations, holiday concerts, and illness created chaos on my schedule.  My morning routine was out of sorts-and in turn so was I.  This past week I took a vacation  from my daily check in’s on social media and voxer to key back in on what matters to me and how I can be a better leader, wife, mom and friend to others.

This year, thanks to my amazing Mastermind class and a dear accountability friend I am FOCUSing on the following:

  • More intentional time on social media and consistent In Box Zero
  • Time set aside to prepare upcoming presentations, sessions of MN Principal Academy and #ECEChat.
  • Enhancing my relationships with my amazing PLN on a more consistent basis.
  • Continue to prioritize family time at night and find new activities to complete with family (I can only loose at Chess and Phase 10 so….many….times).
  • Swimming, Yoga and Running to prepare for a ‘yet to be determined’ race….

Thanks to Daniel Bauer and his December choice of books I am using the 12 Week Year formula to stay FOCUSED and to keep a weekly percentage of how I am achieving my goals.  Along with my morning journalling I am excited to jump right into 2017 with a plan to see some big goals achieved by March of 2017.

Thank you 2016-this year I grew and amazing PLN, built stronger relationships with staff and students, and became a BETTER mom and wife.  Watch out 2017-I have a plan to make this year the best yet!





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