Thankful #SAVMP Reflection

“Don’t forget to be nice, don’t forget to be good.  Don’t forget to be, don’t forget to be thankful….don’t forget!”  lyrics from Thankful Music K-8

As we transitioned from Halloween to the upcoming Holiday Sing-“Thankful” was one of the first songs I started to teach the students at Woodson last week.  The lyrics really fell right into place with this weeks #SAVMP reflection as well.

Don’t forget to be nice.  November can be hard in education.  If you are not on a modified calendar (2 sections of our school had a three week break in October), you have been coming in everyday since late August preparing for what shows up in your building/classroom.  Take into account stress at home, with family, and maybe your own professional coursework/projects-life can boil over around this time of year. Having my daily bus duty and morning classroom walkthroughs gives me amply time to practice being nice to others.  Really how hard can it be to great these faces everyday:

Filling my cup up with student joy-helps me to fill the other adults I come into contact with in the same way.  Every morning I wake up and journal “3 things I was grateful for yesterday and 3 things I look forward to today”-it is a great way to have the right mindset for the powerful work we do from morning to night.

Don’t forget to be good.    This one can be a little tougher.  When filling other’s buckets (a phrase we use often at our school) I have to be careful to save just enough for my family at home.  Being a ‘Good Leader’ in my books comes second to being a ‘Better Wife/Mom’.  This year I have learned how to play chess so I can have 1:1 time with my younger son, learned more about coding and pre-algebra to help my older son (and picked up a few things I may have missed my first time in 6th grade:), and scheduled walks with my husband to make sure I catch up with him as well.  I am so grateful to have these three men in my life to help me keep balance with the importance of work at home.


Don’t forget to be, don’t forget to be thankful!  Don’t forget!  In this part of the song-this verse is repeated, often (and I mean stuck in your head for the rest of the day often).  My short list of thankfulness is as follows:

  • My family
  • My faith
  • My friends
  • My PLN/friends
  • The staff I have the honor of working alongside everyday.
  • The families I greet and meet throughout the year.
  • The students who push me to learn more and do better everyday.
  • My #ECEChat Tribe that encourages and shares resources that support our littlest learners.
  • The @Voxer #PrincipalsinAction group that constantly comes up with the most creative and engaging ways to stay engaged in their schools!
  • The @Voxer #RenLead group that is pushing me to think and innovate with intention to amplify student learning.
  • All my Principal friends who have made me so much better in so many ways.

If you have time take a moment to reflect and tag those that make you #Thankful to be a leader everyday.



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