Getting What You Want Out of Leading and Life.

The end of September for educators can at times be similar to the mid points of a marathon.  Too late to turn around and too far ahead to think about the finish.  It can be hard not to compare your journey with others-and something I used to (and still slip into) focusing on in my day to day work.

This fall I have had the opportunity to join a Women’s Bible Study looking at Jen Hatmaker’s Pulling the Thread in which I have to look at myself in the mirror and decide if what I am spending my time on is really what I should be spending my time on-or if every minute should have a deeper purpose or conviction.

Also this fall I have committed to (3) professional development opportunities that require focused time on my part.  While these are big commitments-I also have had instant impact with all three opportunities.  Brad Gustafson’s online supplemental course (and amazing Voxer Group) on his book Renegade Leadership is helping me re-evaluate innovation with a focus on pedagogy.  Daniel Bauer’s Mastermind group is an incredible opportunity to receive feedback on leading and reading some amazing resources along the way.  Last week I logged into my first ever Moodle Course to enhance my understanding of creating language-rich learning environments for our PreK-3 students.

There is no such thing as “Time Management”; there is only Self-Management.  Rory Vaden- Procrastinate on Purpose.

Rory’s book has really helped me put systems in place to evaluate how I am spending my time and to take control of the margins of my work/life balance.

This year thanks to my #Work/Life/Balance Voxer Group I started using a Panda Planner with intention.  I spend time each morning reflecting on went well the day before and what I am excited about for the day ahead.  In these early am moments I  write down what three things I will accomplish that day an revisit those things throughout the day to ensure my mantra of “Focus on What Matters” is followed through out the day.

I am grateful for members of my PLN that not only share the success-but the trials of the job.  Their honesty helps me to hold the following true:img_3442

Keep putting one foot ahead of the other this year-your journey and story is important and matters.


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