Getting What You Want Out of Leading and Life.

The end of September for educators can at times be similar to the mid points of a marathon.  Too late to turn around and too far ahead to think about the finish.  It can be hard not to compare your journey with others-and something I used to (and still slip into) focusing on in my... Continue Reading →

Creating Intentional Classroom Time as a Leader. #KidsDeserveIt

As a school leader there can be so many priorities and so many fires to put out in a day. Just yesterday I had a beautifully laid out schedule that included time to finalize my evaluation lists for the year, review my Friday Focus and get out to the playground....and then one of the wheels fell... Continue Reading →

So How Was Your Day? Conversation Starters for Kindergartners.

Well Parents and Caregivers-you have successfully made it through the first few days of kindergarten.  Kids were up dressed, lunches packed, hugs and kisses and away we went. This week parents all over will be asking "How was your day?" when their children will get home. One instance I heard about included a mom who... Continue Reading →

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