Before the Bell Rings: 4 Ways to Stay Balanced with School and Home.

August.  The month for educators of excitement, anticipation, and the start of a new (school) year.  Many of us left our classrooms/schools in June with a list of books to read, conferences to go to, and big ideas for the next school year.  If you are like me June-July-August are months that help me ramp... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Readiness: Teacher Preparation

Not All Kindergarten Teachers are Ready for Kindergarten. Imagine this-you walk into your first classroom and find that the students are on the floor, playing behind cubbies, under the table, talking/laughing with each other.  You state ‘class-it is time to sit at our tables and get to work’....and no one moves.  Almost like you are... Continue Reading →

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