Batteries May Be Required.  Tech Tools in the Early Learning Years.

We all share a responsibility to be sure children’s engagement with screen media supports early learning and the development of the whole child. NAEYC’s Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years  When you think of handing technology over to young children in this the picture that initially comes to mind?    Creating opportunities for teachers,... Continue Reading →

How Leaders Can Support Teachers in Using Technology for Our Youngest Learners. #NAESP2016 #ISTE2016

Taking a page from George Curous' book "Innovators Mindset" I took and Uber ride into Washington DC.  My driver and I were talking about what I do which led into her sharing about her 5 year old daughter.  She mentioned that her daughter can spell 4 letter words-like the word 'free' because she can only... Continue Reading →

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