Creating Meaningful Transitions from PreK-K

If we want children to be ready for kindergarten, we must be certain that the environments and systems we create are responsive to the unique developmental needs of not only preschoolers but infants, toddlers and their families.   Dr. Terri Rose 'Emotional Readiness:  How Early Experiences and Mental Health Predict School Success'. Moving into the K-12... Continue Reading →

from Consumers to Creators: Integrating Technology in the PreK-3 Years.

This is additional information from our presentation at the MN STEM Network Conference on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016. Is this what you think of when considering incorporating Digital Learning in your PreK-3 classes? If so-you are not alone.  In NAEYC's recent book:  Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years provided some guidance into this new territory: We all share... Continue Reading →

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