Narrowing Down #oneword for 2016

I admit it-I talk…alot!  Ask my boys, my husband, the staff I work with-I have a lot to say and have a hard time slowing down and narrowing the focus.  So when I was reading Dr. Neil Gupta’s #oneword as well as Bethanny Hill’s I was inspired and challenged to come up with one on my own.  Add in some Minnesota support from Principal French-I went for a run, reflected and came up with my #oneword for 2016.

Better (3)

This year I have a chance to make things BETTER than last year.  This is the year I can BETTER at:

  • being more intentional with my words and actions.
  • becoming a more balanced Principal, Wife and Mom.
  • making time for running and other leisure activities that refresh and recharge me (#principalinbalance).
  • writing a blog.
  • staying connected with some amazing Principals at #SAVMP including my mentor-Adam Welcome.

I loved having had a chance to think hard and narrow down a focus for the year.  It has also been really inspiring to read other great leaders reflection on 2015 and the excitement of what is to come in 2016.

Be blessed and enjoy the journey,



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