Occupational Wellbeing-In Box Zero

During the 2015-16 School Year we have had the chance to really dig into our professional calling to teach.  We have done this using Dr. Adam Saenz’s book The Power of a Teacher.  These series of posts reflect the extension work we did in our school book club.

Key #2 Set and Maintain Good Maintain Good Boundaries Between Work and Home.

Email can be like dishes in our home.  As soon as I think they are all loaded-BAM-another one appears.  As a way to encourage balance and getting myself additional time out in the classrooms I set forth on a journey to find the ‘unicorn’ of managing email.

Curt Rees, Principal in Wisconsin, had some amazing tips on his blog.  From those tips and an encouraging group of administrators in my Voxer group I have located the ‘unicorn’ of getting to In Box Zero:


  1. Don’t Browse It:  set specific times to read/respond to email. **also if you are brave enough….take email OFF your phone**  this step has helped me greatly in not “grazing” email throughout the day and evening.
  2. Try not to touch it twice:  if you read it-respond to it-delegate it or delete it.
  3. Email is NOT your task list:  Jason Sutter has me hooked on Todoist-if I come across an email that I will need to do something with later in the week/month/year I move it over to a task in todoist and then it pops back up.

So I have been doing these steps for about a month now and have learned the following:

  • I have been more productive when I do sit down and answer email.
  • I am more conscious in deciding if I should reply or write and email or if it is just easier to talk with a person directly.
  • I am enjoying ‘family time’ a lot more as my phone doesn’t peep or vibrate with new emails.




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