Jumping in…without a noodle #SAVMP 2015-16

The picture above was our oldest son about 5 years ago.  Now thank goodness that was really before the selfie craze  as you would have seen a freaked out mom watching her son being ‘dropped’ into the deep end.  But I have looked back at this picture with a little bit of envy of that 5 year old boy.  He was so brave, so fearless…..well he did have a noodle.

So why in our adult lives do we get scared to take a risk?  I mean I am not jumping across fire-but I did just sign up for #SAVMP.  For those of you who don’t know #SAVMP is an opportunity for Principals to learn alongside other Principals across the country.  Really the rationale for the program says it best:

Looking to help develop administrators to lead innovative school environments that meet the needs of students today.

I mean-I want that!  I love my job, I love my students, my families and the staff that works alongside me each and every day.  I want to do better, be better and grow as much as the students who step into the school do each and every day. So, well I jumped in and signed up (without the noodle).

I already have an amazing mentor in Adam Welcome, a wonderful Principal out in California with a ton of energy, enthusiasm and a book coming out soon (maybe he will sign it).  The #SAVMP community is already excited and it is amazing to see so many leaders across the country signing up for this opportunity to learn and grow alongside each other.

Well, the blog has started (a requirement for #SAVMP) and my Voxer is going strong with a some great #PrincipalPLN cheerleaders.  So stayed tuned-I might just be able to jump into the deep end on my own by the end of this journey!

Keep Dream Big for our Littlest Learners,




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