Got Play? Highlighting the Importance of Play with Kindergarteners.

"Play is the Highest Form of Research"--Albert Einstein. This month during our 'Flipped' Staff Meeting the Play Center Committee wanted to take a little time to dig in a little deeper into the following question: How can we further enhance play skills for our students? Please watch the following YouTube clip prior to the December... Continue Reading →

Occupational Wellbeing-Reclaiming the Margins between School and Home.

During the 2015-16 School Year we have had the chance to really dig into our professional calling to teach.  We have done this using Dr. Adam Saenz's book The Power of a Teacher.  These series of posts reflect the extension work we did in our school book club.   Setting appropriate boundaries between work and personal... Continue Reading →

The Complexity of a Kindergartner…Today.

Do you remember the book “The Outsiders?”.  For me that was some of my first experiences learning about ‘those kids’ (aka ‘at risk’, ‘trouble’).  Growing up I do remember ‘that kid’ in my grade-but in my years in education it seems that at some point in our recent history that kid became those kids and some days... Continue Reading →

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