Setting Boundaries with the Business of Back to School

If you are a parent, student, teacher (or all of the above)-back to school can bring excitement as well as a little anxiety.  Between re-establishing bedtime routines, school supply shopping and worries about what the next year will bring, we forgot to ‘pause’ and be in the moments with our families.  Below are a few tips to regain that balance, while giving you some peace of mind.

  1.  It isn’t a race.  No medals are given for the parent who gets their kids school supplies first.  Take your time and if you can’t find that magenta red folder-it will be okay.
  2. Find 10 minutes to connect with your family as individuals.  Take small steps to put the technology away and spend time with members of your family as often as you can.  Ideas around this might include:  card games, making dinner together, going for a walk, or maybe even school shopping together.  We never know how our worries impact our kids so being as calm in the storm as we can helps our kids adjust to the changes ahead.
  3. Start your morning routine again.  In our house we get a little relaxed with bedtimes and morning routines as we have a little extra time.  A week or so ahead start your morning routine a little earlier so when you have to get the kids up a little earlier it isn’t such a shock to the system for everyone.

Do you have other ideas/suggestions?  Please comment below so we can help each other make this the best year yet!

Be Blessed,


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