What Brené Brown taught me about triathalons.

This summer I had Brené Brown’s “Daring Greatly” in my bag on a girls trip-I started in then I stopped.  I mean I kind of felt like I was the queen of putting myself out there-rejection or not.  In my work life and family life I jump in with both feet-or so I thought.  Fast forward two months into summer and many miles of training in for an International distance triathalon.  I felt confident I was ready and actually a little ahead of schedule to complete the race, and then (wait for it), an injury came out of no where that sideline all running for 3 full weeks-which left me one week before the race and completely stressed out.  What if I am dead last?  What if I have to walk some of the run?  What if that friend from high school tracks down my time and laughs at me?!?!  And that’s Brené Brown literally fell from the sky into my lap again. 

In her talk on vulnerability Brené Brown identifies vulnerability as “what makes you vulnerable-makes you beautiful.  Now that is easier to say drinking my coffee in my house-not in a full on wetsuit with hundreds of other people watching. 

What have I learned?  It will take some courage to be imperfect, however I need to a lot myself the grace I freely give to others-to myself in this moment.  As a result of this process I will let go of who I thought I should be (or how I thought I would do at the race) and focus on who I am (and what I will be before-during-and after the race).

Regardless of the outcome-the sun will shine, another day will come, and I can move forward know that :

I found something worthy of doing-even if I fail. (Daring Greatly)

Thank you Brené Brown! 

Be Blessed-


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