Do You Need the Sunday Principle? Step Three: Keep Going!

So you tried your first day off of technology.  If you are anything like me, at times you felt like you left your car keys at home-or had that nagging feeling your were forgetting something.

Hopefully halfway through the day you didn’t think about it as much (until you did that unconscious reach for the phone on the desk/bag/etc).  And started to really engage in whatever you were doing-even if it was a cheesy movie or book.

Now the tough part-try it again.  One day isn’t so bad, but making a habit takes time and practice.  Set the same process again-pick the day-turn off notification-and be mindful of your surroundings when you don’t have the electronic static of life every prominent in the back of your mind.  As we work through this I will look for other ways to set boundaries with your social media so your Sunday Principle can trickle into the rest of your week.

Be Blessed!


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