Do you need the Sunday Principle? Step One: The Social Media Detox

  • Do you spend more than 80% of you day with your device(s) near your side?
  • Is your smartphone your alarm clock?
  • Do you keep your phone on the table at dinner-or out to eat?
  • Do you treat your devices like your “favorite child?”
  • If you accidentally leave your phone at home/in the car-does minor panic set in?  I mean what could you miss while you are at your child’s baseball game!$!%%^$  (seriously I have done all of the above and more-so I am making fun at myself).

Well if you have said “yes” to any of the above the Sunday Principle might be a nice detox from the day-to-day pressures we put on ourselves.  Is your connectivity expectations self-imposed? Are you worried your friends will be upset if you don’t ‘like’ their most recent family vacation pictures?  When your self-worth becomes more about the ‘likes’ on tweets and posts and less on how you yourself feel-it is time to take a break and reprioritize.

There are some small, simple (I promise) steps towards balancing your professional responsibilities and your personal goals.

Lets start with the Social Media Detox:

Try This:  for the next 7 days I will turn off (yes turn off-or leave in a sound proof safe deposit box or safe) my devices for exactly one hour.  During that hour I will reflect on my feelings and write them down each day and see if there are any changes in my thoughts or feelings during the week. 

Be Blessed!


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