It is all down hill from here.

We were two days into the family vacation and I was ready for a 40 minute #momcation.  I took off for a run in the Smoky Mountain Area-which was a little bit different terrain than the ‘speed bumps’ we call hills in Austin, Minnesota.  Ten minutes into the run, full of sweat, and very disappointed with how slow I was ‘running’ I saw the picture above.

The down hill was nothing compared to the beautiful view in front of me, and I could have missed it!  I was seconds from quitting, turning around and proceeding back to the cabin in a ‘walk of shame’.  Just think what I would have missed, and I wouldn’t have even known it.

Has this every happened to you-you have been so caught up in what you thought you should be doing and how well you should do it-that you miss what is right in front of you?

Try to do: This weekend try to purposefully stop and ‘smell the roses’.  Go for a walk in a different direction than normal, get up early and sit outside and watch the view-or watch the sun set at night.  Take 20 minutes away from your phone, facebook, computer and other media outlets and listen to what speaks to you-you might be surprised at what you hear.

Be Blessed!


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