Do you need the Sunday Principle? Step One: The Social Media Detox

Do you spend more than 80% of you day with your device(s) near your side? Is your smartphone your alarm clock? Do you keep your phone on the table at dinner-or out to eat? Do you treat your devices like your "favorite child?" If you accidentally leave your phone at home/in the car-does minor panic... Continue Reading →

Do You Need the Sunday Principle? Step 2-Rip it Off Like a Band Aid

So a week of *gasp* one hour off social media/phone/tablet/iPad/iPod/computer  how did you do?  Was it painful?  Were you in a panic?  How about day 5 or 6-did it get better or worse? Regardless-we are moving on to Step Two:  12 hours of limited connectivity.  Think of this as a 'vacay in the mountains' where... Continue Reading →


So one thing I found when I started the Sunday Principle is that I suddenly was more aware of my surroundings.  I really enjoyed simple things much more when I wasn't thinking about other things, or looking at my phone (the not-so-multi-multi-tasking).  Once I week I document what I see on my instagram account with... Continue Reading →

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